Jul 072011

Interesting Details

Jenni Mostrom was born in Ljungskile, Sweden on March 24th, 1983, so she is one year older than Robin.

Time Together

Robin Soderling and fiance Jenni Mostrom got engaged in June of 2008.  Yes, it has been quite a long engagement, but the two were friends long before they ever started dating so they may enjoy the commitment without the actual marriage papers.  We will keep you posted as to how this progresses.


Jenni used to have a blog where she would post personal stories and pictures, but it has since disappeared and her web presence has been replaced with Twitter.  You can follow Jenni here.  She posts pretty much everyday with a lot of here tweets relating to her time with Robin.  One of the funnier tweets I have seen: “Lucky girl who gets to go to bed with this guy…”, accompanied by this photo:

Jenni Mostrom

University & Athletics

Jenni’s quite the athlete herself having earned a golf scholarship to attend Nova Southeastern University in Florida.  There Jenni majored in business and is now doing courses in public relations while she travels with Robin on tour and manages his website.

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