Nov 082012

Natalie Suliman, now known as Natalie Richardson, began dating Kieran back in 2007 the pair have since tied the knot.

How They Met

Kieran talks about meeting Natalie like it was his destiny and that it changed his life.  After not being selected to the final squad for a semi-final game in the 2007 FA Cup final Kieran watched his Manchester United team lose.  After the game he went out like he normally did to live his fast life of meeting new woman, driving fast cars and just living on the edge.  That night he saw Natalie and says his life changed from there.  After a while of seeing each other he asked her to go to the Bahamas with him and she said she would if he went to church with her.  Now Kieran is a devout Christian who is serious about his faith.

Natalie’s Career

Natalie is a lingerie model with an amazing body.  Back in 2009 Natalie’s boobs became famous when they were featured anonymously in a billboard campaign by Marks & Spencer when the company was receiving bad press for charging more for bigger bras.  Natalie’s 32E rack was showcased by the company to take advantage of the press.

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