Dec 292012

Time Together

Lucic and Brittany got married on August 27th of this year in the Bahamas.  The couple is also expecting their first child as Brittany announced via Twitter in early August.

Soccer Player

Brittany was a soccer player at the University of Southern Indiana.  She was a freshman in 2005, as can be seen here.  That ended up being her only year on the team and she came off the bench for 9 games that season recording 1 assist.  So all of this talk of her being a soccer player at University, although true, isn’t that big of a deal.  One year, one assist and 0 starts.

Twitter Fights

Brittany has become known for some Twitter feuds since she became Lucic’s girl.  After a bout with Cory Schneider’s girlfriend at a resturant in Vancouver Brittany went to Twitter and referred to Schneider as ‘the Canucks loser back-up goaltender’.  Brittany did lose a lot of cred though as she continuously called Schneider ‘Snyder’ and told him to ‘control his broad’.  The tweets really just served to embarrass Brittany.

Talks have once again started between the NHL owners and the NHLPA so there is still hope for an NHL season.  If you were an NHL bettor who would you take in a fight?  Milan Lucic or Cory Schneider?  Now which of their girlfriends?

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