Apr 102012

Bastian is currently 27 years old, while his girlfriend Sarah Brandner is 22 at this time.

Interesting Details

Sarah Brander is a German model, but her primary fame comes from being the girlfriend of Bastian Schweinsteiger.  Brander was featured in the Sports Illustrated Body Painting Issue and you can see the picture in the gallery above.

Sarah was discovered as a model at 15 when she was spotted on the street by a modelling agent and asked if she would be interested in modelling.  Eventually she decided that she’d give it a go and she has had a fairly successful career since.

Time Together

Bastian met Sarah at the Apartment 20 boutique in Munich in 2008 and then again by accident at a party in Ibiza.  The two hit it off immediately in Ibiza and began dating shortly afterwards.  The two are now dating full time and spending a lot of time together.  You can often find new pictures of the couple popping up in German newspapers and on the internet.

Schweinsteiger will be participating in the Euro 2012 representing Germany and you should expect to see Sarah in the stands wearing his jersey.  With her cheering them on Germany has a very good chance to win Euro 2012 and if you look at the football betting odds they are currently the second favourites next to Spain.

As mentioned earlier Sarah participated in the Sports Illustrated Body Painting Issue along with many other soccer wives and girlfriends and you can see the full video of her being painted and the resulting photographs in the video below!

As you can see Bastian is one lucky guy.  The vision he shows on the field he obviously also used when deciding to pursue Sarah.

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