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Everyone knows who Jenna Jameson is and a good portion of you reading this have probably seen her in a very very intimate situation.


Jenna Jameson is known as the biggest adult film star of all time.  Now that she is in a relationship with Tito she has quit working in the industry and is focused on their monogamous relationship.

Time Together

Tito and Jenna met on MySpace back in 2006 and the two began dating shortly after.  Needless to say the pair got a ton of media attention because Jenna was such a big celebrity.  The two then had twins in March of 2009.

The two have had some major public disputes including one time when Tito was arrested for domestic abuse against Jenna and she was later seen with a bandaged arm.

The pair got into a heated exchange on Twitter only about a month before Tito’s fight with Ryan Bader in UFC 136, where Tito pretty much called Jenna crazy and said she was done with her and that she was dragging him down.  You wouldn’t think this drama would help training sessions heading into a big fight, but Tito actually pulled out the win over Bader for his only win in the UFC since 2006.  The fight was also called the biggest upset of the year by Sherdog!  Maybe Tito needs more baby mama drama heading into his last fight of the UFC, which comes up in July against Forrest Griffin.  The MMA betting odds for that fight currently have Tito at +260, which is a bout a 3 to 1 underdog.  You can read more about betting on the fight at the BetOnIt.org blog closer to the bout.

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