Sep 242012

Sara Foster is a 31 year old American address who has been married to German tennis player Tommy Haas since January 27th, 2010.  The pair have a baby girl together named Valentina, who was born on November 15th, 2010.  Haas, 34, has stated that he wants to continue playing tennis long enough for his daughter to see him play.  At 34 years of age he is already one of the oldest players on tour and seeing as his daughter is only about 2 years old at the moment, he will likely have to play for a few more years for her to know what her dad is doing out on the court.


Sara is best known for her role as Jen Clark on the new 90210 television series.  Foster initially shot to fame as a fashion model before making the move to the big screen.  One of her first acting roles came when she was cast to play herself in Entourage and became one of Vincent Chase’s love interests for an episode.  Other than a few single episode cameo’s in some popular TV shows Foster acted in a few films that you will never have heard of before getting her big break to star in 90201.

Foster was featured in Maxim back in 2005, and some of the photos above are from that photo shoot.

The next big tournament where you will see Sara cheering on Tommy from the stands is the 2013 Australian Open.  Check out the best sports betting sites for Aussies to back Haas and Foster in the tournament.

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Sep 072011

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Novak Djokovic has been on fire this year, while achieving the number 1 ranking in Men’s tennis.  This ranking and the titles he has won has brought a lot of spotlight to him and part of this spotlight is of course fans wondering who the tennis star is dating.  Djokovic is currently dating his countrymate Jelena Ristic, who you can see from the photos above is a beauty.  Djokovic is currently 24 years old, while Jelena is one year his elder.

Time Together

The pair have been dating for about 5 years and the two are expected to get married in Kosovo in October.  It has also been reported that Andy Murray, the fourth ranked player in the world will be Novak’s best man!  Jelena is apparently a big tennis fan, enjoying both playing and watching, which is good because with Novak never losing matches, she will have a lot of tennis to watch in the upcoming years.


Jelena is currently still in school where she studies Finance and is apparently finishing her Masters Degree.

Funny Moments

After a long battle against Troicki at the US Open in 2010, a bit of shade crept on to the court late in the match.  Brad Gilbert asked Djokovic what the shade felt like and he replied “it was like sleeping with my girlfriend”.

We will update following the wedding!

**I placed a big bet on Novak Djokovic to win the US Open this year and was amazed at how many times they showed Jelena on TV, but I don`t think they mentioned the wedding and neither did Novak in the post match interview.  And he still called Jelena his girlfriend instead of fiance.

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Jul 112011

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Kim Sears grew up in Barcombe, East Sussex, England and is the daughter of Nigel Sears who was the coach of WTA star Daniel Hantuchova in her prime and is now coaching Ana Invanovic.  Kim was born on December 10th, 1987, making her just a few months younger than Andy who was born on May 15th of the same year.

Time Together

It’s reported that the Andy and Kim began dating back in 2005, with their relationship becoming public in ’06, mainly due to a very public kiss after Andy won the SAP Open in San Jose; the first ATP tour win of his career.  In 2009 the pair cut ties.  The rumors have it that Kim got fed up with Andy spending all of his spare time on his PlayStation.  In an interview prior to the breakup, Andy’s coach Brad Gilbert outted the young tennis star stating that he spent “7 hours a day” playing video games!  Good for Andy — living the dream playing video games with a hottie by his side (until she got fed up, but I’m sure many other men out there can relate to this breakup).  Anyways, I guess Andy got his act together and chose Kim over his gaming because the breakup was short lived with the couple getting back together early in 2010.

All About Andy

Kim prefers to stay out of the limelight and has said on many occasions that she supports Andy, but has no plans of being a full time girlfriend travelling with Andy to every stop on the tour.  She attends some of the larger tournaments, but you shouldn’t expect to see her in photo shoots anytime soon, as she prefers to leave the fame to Andy, while she focuses on her own career in publishing.

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Jul 072011

Interesting Details

Jenni Mostrom was born in Ljungskile, Sweden on March 24th, 1983, so she is one year older than Robin.

Time Together

Robin Soderling and fiance Jenni Mostrom got engaged in June of 2008.  Yes, it has been quite a long engagement, but the two were friends long before they ever started dating so they may enjoy the commitment without the actual marriage papers.  We will keep you posted as to how this progresses.


Jenni used to have a blog where she would post personal stories and pictures, but it has since disappeared and her web presence has been replaced with Twitter.  You can follow Jenni here.  She posts pretty much everyday with a lot of here tweets relating to her time with Robin.  One of the funnier tweets I have seen: “Lucky girl who gets to go to bed with this guy…”, accompanied by this photo:

Jenni Mostrom

University & Athletics

Jenni’s quite the athlete herself having earned a golf scholarship to attend Nova Southeastern University in Florida.  There Jenni majored in business and is now doing courses in public relations while she travels with Robin on tour and manages his website.

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Jul 062011

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Just like his fellow top American tennis player Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish, also has an incredibly hot model for a wife.  She may not be as famous or as hot as Andy Roddick’s wife, Brooklyn Decker (we’ll let you decide that one) but she is quite the looker herself.

Time Together

Mardy Fish popped the question to Stacey Gardner, who is one year his elder, in November of 2007 and the couple were married in September 2008 in a Jewish wedding ceremony.  You will often see Gardner at Mardy’s biggest matches, especially ones in the United States.


Stacey Gardner gained national recognition as a case model on the hit NBC show, Deal Or No Deal.  Stacey held case #2, so if that was your favourite case, then Stacey is your girl.  Gardner also dabbled in the modelling industry a bit before joining Deal Or No Deal, being featured on the Style network and being a runway host for Fox Sports, among other things.

It may come as a bit of a surprise to you that Stacey is also a practicing attorney, having graduated from Southwestern Law School and passing the bar in 2005.


Stacey on standing in one place for the taping of Deal or No Deal, “standing in place smiling for an entire taping is no easy feat! However, the smiling part is not as difficult as the standing part! Our feet just seem to have a limit as to how much they can take and after about 12 hours I think they have hit their max!“.

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