Dec 292012

Time Together

Lucic and Brittany got married on August 27th of this year in the Bahamas.  The couple is also expecting their first child as Brittany announced via Twitter in early August.

Soccer Player

Brittany was a soccer player at the University of Southern Indiana.  She was a freshman in 2005, as can be seen here.  That ended up being her only year on the team and she came off the bench for 9 games that season recording 1 assist.  So all of this talk of her being a soccer player at University, although true, isn’t that big of a deal.  One year, one assist and 0 starts.

Twitter Fights

Brittany has become known for some Twitter feuds since she became Lucic’s girl.  After a bout with Cory Schneider’s girlfriend at a resturant in Vancouver Brittany went to Twitter and referred to Schneider as ‘the Canucks loser back-up goaltender’.  Brittany did lose a lot of cred though as she continuously called Schneider ‘Snyder’ and told him to ‘control his broad’.  The tweets really just served to embarrass Brittany.

Talks have once again started between the NHL owners and the NHLPA so there is still hope for an NHL season.  If you were an NHL bettor who would you take in a fight?  Milan Lucic or Cory Schneider?  Now which of their girlfriends?

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Mar 012012

Sheldon is currently 35, while Angelica is 38.  The pair have two children together.

Time Together

The couple married in 2002 and had a daughter named Valentina a year after in 2003.  In 2005 Angelica accused Sheldon of assault after Bridges made a call to 911 after an argument between the two.  The police showed up but nothing was filed as it was apparent that not assault had actually taken place.  It is also believed that Angelica then proceeded to call local news stations claiming to be a friend of a female police officer who visiting the home, with the hopes that they would write a story about the incident.  The two then divorced and Angelica moved out to Los Angeles to pursue her career.

It only took a couple years however for the two to be back together and expecting a second child.  Angelica seemed to have lost it and tried to make a big deal out of their divorce in order to hurt Sheldon’s public image and improve her career.  Something like that would destroy the trust in a relationship, but somehow the two were able to find common ground and have now been back together for several years.


Angelica is an American model and actress.  She is primarily known for her work in soap operas The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives, but of course you can’t forget her time on Baywatch, which really catapulted her career into a sex symbol.  She made FHM’s sexiest women in the world list in 1998 and 2003 and even at 38 she is still looking pretty good.

Angelica also posed nude for Playboy in the November 2001 issue so you can look that up if you so desire.

Sheldon Souray now plays for the Dallas Stars and is having a solid season helping his team in their playoff push.  Sheldon played in Canada for the majority of his career in Montreal and Edmonton, where he put up impressive numbers for a defenseman.  In Canada Proline is very common, but it would be frowned upon if Sheldon made any Proline picks or gave Proline tips even if he wasn’t involved in the game.

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Nov 162011

Interesting Details

This isn’t one of our normal posts because Wayne Gretzky has been out of the game of hockey for quite some time and his wife Janet Jones is quite a bit older than most of the girls you will find on this site.  That being said Wayne Gretzky is “The Great One” and this couple was the “it” couple in the hockey community for many years so they deserve a post here at  You will also see that they had some interesting scandals along the way.

Time Together

Gretzky and Jones first met when Gretzky was acting as a celebrity judge on on the show Dance Fever way back in 1984, but apparently Janet doesn’t remember Wayne being on the show.  I doubt this because at the time Gretzky was pretty much the biggest name in all of sports while he was racking up points and Cups playing for the Edmonton Oilers in Canada.  In 1987 the two ran into each other at a Lakers game in 1987 and the pair began dating with Gretzky proposing in 1988.  The marriage took place on July 17th, 1988 in which was considered a royal wedding in Canada.  The wedding apparently cost Gretzky $1 million in cash, which was a ton of money back then.  Just a month later on August 9th, 1988 Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings.  It makes you wonder how much influence Janet had on the biggest trade in NHL history (remember they did run into each other at a Lakers game).

The pair now have five children, 2 girls and 3 boys.  Janet was born in 1961 making her 50 this year, while Wayne was also born in January of the same year.

Gambling Controversy

Janet Jones found herself in the middle of a gambling controversy in 2006 and of course Wayne was guilty by association.  Rick Tocchet, a former NHL player himself, was acting as a bookie in New Jersey and Gretzky’s former agent had admitted to placing a bet on super bowl XL through Tocchet, who was also the assistant coach of the Coyotes at the time, where Gretzky was the head coach.  Eventually Jones was found not guilty and instead filed a $50 million suit against the state for defamation.  Just to be clear the NHL does not allow personnel or players to bet on NHL games, but they could care less about people attached to the NHL betting on other sports.


Janet was an actress throughout the 1980’s and into the 1990’s acting in such films as The Flamingo Kid, A League of Their Own and Alpha Dog.  She also acted as the main workout instructor in a THE FIRM workout video and the physical education teacher in Van Halen’s Bad Teacher.

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Nov 012011

Interesting Details

Plekanec is two years younger than Vondrackova, who was born on March 8th, 1980.  But I guess marrying one of the most famous women in your home country trumps marrying a younger woman nowadays.

Singing Career

Lucie is a very famous Czech singer and actor, who has recorded 11 albums over the last two decades!  The music runs in her family seeing as her dad was a singer and piano player, while her mother was a song writer.


On top of her fame and singing career Vondrackova is always well educated.  She has a Masters of Arts degree and a degree of Doctor of Philsophy from the Prague Conservatory.

Time Together

Tomas and Lucie got married last summer on June 17th, 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic.  The wedding was to the Czech Republic as the Beckham wedding did to the UK to give you an idea of the pairs celebrity in their home country.  There are also rumours that the two are already expecting a baby.

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Jul 262011

Interesting Details

Mike Comrie might not be a top NHL player and he may not even earn a roster spot on an NHL team this season, but we can’t let that take away from having arguably the most attractive and highest profile wife in the league.  Mike Comrie’s wife, Hilary Duff, is an American actress, who was born in 1987, making her 7 years younger than Comrie.

Acting Career

Hilary Duff rose to fame in 2001, after several years of television commercials and minor roles, when she was cast as Lizzy McGuire (the title character) for the hit Disney Channel television show.  After leaving the show following the 65 episode contract Duff continued to get many popular acting gigs when she was cast as the lead in A Cinderella Story beside Chad Michael Murray.  Some other well known movies that star Duff include, Agent Cody Banks, The Lizzy McGuire Movie, Raise Your Voice  and Cheaper By The Dozen.  Duff also guest starred in 6 episodes of Gossip Girl.  Duff is set to star as Bonnie in The Story of Bonnie and Clyde which should be released later this year.

Music Career

Duff has also had a very successful movie career having released four studio albums!  What can’t this girl do.  Her first album, Santa Claus Lane was released in 2002, while she was starring on Lizzy McGuire.  This first album was a holiday album, which lead many people to say that Metamorphosis, was her first proper studio album. Metamorphosis was extremely successful selling over 5 million copies worldwide. Songs, So Yesterday and Come Clean did very well as singles, charting at 42nd and 35th in the United States.  Her third album, the self titled Hilary Duff peaked at number 2 for album sales in the USA, while her fourth studio album, Dignity, hit 3rd.  Some other top Hilary Duff songs include Wake Up, With Love  and Our Lips Are Sealed.

Other Work

Duff has also been very successful with her clothing line, “Stuff By Hilary Duff”.  She has also released a perfume called “With Love….Hilary Duff”.

Time Together

Hilary dated Aaron Carter and Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden, before starting to date Mike Comrie in 2007.  The two got married in August of 2010 and there relationship seems to have made Comrie forget how to play hockey.  Comrie who scored 60 points on two occasions in his career has only managed to put up a total of 27 points in one season since he started dating the singer/actress.  Maybe he’s happy to be a stay at home husband because he won’t have many more chances in the NHL if he keeps up his current play.

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