Aug 092011

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Scott Podsednik’s wife, Lisa Dergen, is an American model, media personality, sportscaster and actress.  She was born in August of 1970, making her 6 years older than husband Scott.

Modeling Career

Lisa’s most famous modeling job came when she was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in July of 1998.  She has of course done a lot of other modeling leading up to that break through.


Three years after her Playboy appearance Lisa broke into the sportscasting world when she was hired to work with Jim Hill on a weekend sports show in Los Angeles.  After her success there she was invited to join Fox Sports in 2002.  Over her career Lisa Dergen has interviewed high profile athletes such as John Elway and Tiger Woods.  She has also reported from some of the biggest sporting events in the United States including the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby and US Open Golf.

Other Career

Lisa has also had some acting roles in smaller movies and has co-hosted a variety of game shows including Smush and Race To The Altar.

Time Together

Scott and Lisa tied the knot in February of 2006.

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Jul 122011

Interesting Details

Time Together

Zack Greinke met Emily Kuchar while they were in high school together at Apopka High in Florida.  Emily has been stated saying that when she was a library assistant in high school Zack began doing a lot more of his homework when she was on duty and the pair hit it off.  About 8 years later, the couple got married in November of 2009.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Emily, who says she has been dancing since the age of 4, became a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader when she was 18 years old and danced for the team for 2 seasons.  Being a Cowboys cheerleader opened a few doors for Emily and since her time with the squad she has appeared in a movie, done several television interviews and she was even named Miss Daytona Beach in 2008.  She still does a variety of photo shoots and is featured in many fashion magazines.

Interesting Fact

Zack Greinke almost walked away from baseball and would have never became one of the top pitchers in the league if it wasn’t for Emily.  When Zack was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder during the 2006 season Emily was his rock and he has said many times that she played an integral part in him overcoming this disorder and being able to return to the mound.  This was a great investment for both of them because now Greinke is raking in $9.5 million a year!

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Jul 052011

Interesting Details

Time Together

Nick Swisher starting dating Joanna Garcia, who now goes by Joanna Garcia-Swisher, in mid-2009 and the marriage question was popped about a year later in May, 2010.  The two didn’t waste too much time and tied the know on December 11th, 2010 in Palm Beach, Florida.  JoAnna is one year Nick’s elder having been born in August of 1979, while Swisher’s birthdate was in November of 1980.

Acting Career

Joanna was born and raised in Tampa Bay, Florida and got into acting at the early age of 10.  Her first major role came when Garcia was 15 and she was discovered by Nickelodeon to star in their Are You Afraid of the Dark TV series.  Joanna has mostly built a career acting on television shows, with some of her more well known starring roles coming fairly recently in Reba (2001-2007), Priveleged (2008-2009), and currently Better With You (2010-present).

Charity Work

JoAnna is very involved in charity work, volunteering a lot of her spare time to work with “Make The Commitment” to raise the awareness of cervical cancer.  She is also involved with “We Reach”, an organization that helps young women organize charity events around the country.  To top it off, JoAnna, who is fluent in Spanish, donates her time to teach English as a second language to kids in LA.

JoAnna is quite the catch……no pun intended :P.

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