Jul 182012

Manu Ginobili is his countries main hope for a medal in the Men’s basketball event at this years Summer Olympics, beginning in a couple weeks.  One person who will definitely be cheering her husband on is, Marianela Orono, Manu’s wife and fellow Argentine.

Time Together

Manu and Marianela were married way back in July of 2004 in Bahia Blanca, Argentina.  That summer is one for Manu and Marianela to remember.  Not only did Ginobili get married to the love of his life, but he also won the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics with team Argentina and picked up a huge $52 million contract.  Can Ginobili have another great summer with a gold medal 8 years later?

Six years later in 2010 Marianela gave birth to their twin boys, Nicola and Dante.

Ginobili is coming off of a very strong season for the San Antonio Spurs that saw the Spurs lose in the Conference Finals after dominating the latter part of the NBA season and beginning of the playoffs.  He now takes his talents to the Argentina squad as they face off against the superstars of the USA and try for the gold medal in Men’s Basketball.  You can bet on the Summer Olympics online and take a chance on Ginobili taking the reigns and leading the Argentines to victory AGAIN, with the support of wife Marianela.

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