Apr 042013

Heidi Hamels, formely known as Heidi Strobel found fame as a contestant on Survivor: The Amazon, which aired back in 2003 as the 6th season of the show.  Heidi finished 5th out of the 16 contestants on the show, but it was an episode where her and fellow tribe member Jenna Morasca stripped off their clothes to receive peanut butter and Oreos that really got her a lot of attention and that stripping would later land her and Jenna a spot in Playboy.

Heidi also had quite a few health problems associated with going so deep in the show.  She was bitten by a spider and temporarily paralyzed from the waist down.  Her weight dropped to 87 points and she has severe hair loss.  All-in-all it took her 4 months to recover after the show.

Time Together

Heidi meeting Cole stemmed from her participation on the show.  Heidi was throwing out the first pitch at a minor league baseball game in Florida in 2004 when she met Cole.  Two years later the two were married on New Year’s Eve in Missouri.

Charity Work

The time Heidi spent in the hospital after Survivor also turned her on to wanting to help out with the spread of AIDS in Africa and the United States.  She and Cole started the Hamels Foundation which now hosts charity events to raise money for awareness and research.


Just this year Heidi and Cole adopted a baby from Ethiopia, which goes along with the charity work the Hamels Foundation has done in the past.  This new child will join Caleb Michael and Braxton Grady in the family.

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Feb 122013

David and Victoria Beckham may just be the biggest celebrity couple of the past decade.  Definitely the biggest celeb couple that includes an athlete.  I figure their main competition would come from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but these are movie stars, while David is a soccer star and Victoria is an old member of the Spice Girls.

Time Together

Victoria and David started dating in 1997 and in 1998 they announced their engagement.  The pair was then married on July 4th, 1999 in Ireland.  The two now have four children, three boys and one girl.

Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham was a member of the popular girl group, the Spice Girls from 1994 to 2000.  She was known as Posh Spice and the group was hugely popular around the world.

Coming to America

After the pair had done everything they could in the UK and Europe as a whole, David took the opportunity to help grow the game of soccer in North American by agreeing to join the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007.  He played on the Galaxy for 6 years (he was loaned to Milan for the better part of two season) and managed to win the MLS Cup in both 2011 and 2012 while Becks was with the team.  Being in LA also allowed David and Victoria to become American celebrities and mingle with many American movie stars in Hollywood, etc.  It is said that the pair became good friends with Tom Cruise and some other A-list celebs.

Beckham has now signed a deal with Paris Saint-Germain so him and Victoria will be heading back to Europe and this time he will play in the French league.

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Dec 292012

Time Together

Lucic and Brittany got married on August 27th of this year in the Bahamas.  The couple is also expecting their first child as Brittany announced via Twitter in early August.

Soccer Player

Brittany was a soccer player at the University of Southern Indiana.  She was a freshman in 2005, as can be seen here.  That ended up being her only year on the team and she came off the bench for 9 games that season recording 1 assist.  So all of this talk of her being a soccer player at University, although true, isn’t that big of a deal.  One year, one assist and 0 starts.

Twitter Fights

Brittany has become known for some Twitter feuds since she became Lucic’s girl.  After a bout with Cory Schneider’s girlfriend at a resturant in Vancouver Brittany went to Twitter and referred to Schneider as ‘the Canucks loser back-up goaltender’.  Brittany did lose a lot of cred though as she continuously called Schneider ‘Snyder’ and told him to ‘control his broad’.  The tweets really just served to embarrass Brittany.

Talks have once again started between the NHL owners and the NHLPA so there is still hope for an NHL season.  If you were an NHL bettor who would you take in a fight?  Milan Lucic or Cory Schneider?  Now which of their girlfriends?

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Dec 072012

Tony Romo has had some celebrity girlfriends in the past (Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, etc) but none of them lasted until he met Candice Crawford.  The pair started dating back in September of 2009  and everything went smoothly even with Romo constantly getting boo’d as the quarterback of America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys (I wouldn’t touch him in my fantasy football drafts).  After a year and a half of dating the pair tied the knot on May 28th, 2011 at an upper class estate that is a popular place for Dallas weddings.

In October of 2011 Tony Romo found a new way to announce that him and Candice were expecting.  When talking to a classroom of students one asked if Tony had any kids.  He was a little taken aback, but replied ‘Um, no, I don’t have any kids, I’ve actually got on on the way.  My wife’s pregnant.’  And that’s how the world found out that the Cowboys QB and Candice were expecting.  On April 9th, 2012 Hawkins, a boy, was born.

Now we know about the relationship up to this point let’s take a close look at who Candice Crawford is.

Born on December 16th, 1986, Candice is 7 years younger than Tony.  She won the Miss Missouri USA competition in ’08 and placed in the top ten of the Miss USA competition.  Candice is also a former reporter for KDAF, which is a Dallas television station.  So really, Candice isn’t all that famous.  Her brother, Chace Crawford from ‘Gossip Girl’ is is most likely the more famous of the Crawford gang.

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Nov 082012

Natalie Suliman, now known as Natalie Richardson, began dating Kieran back in 2007 the pair have since tied the knot.

How They Met

Kieran talks about meeting Natalie like it was his destiny and that it changed his life.  After not being selected to the final squad for a semi-final game in the 2007 FA Cup final Kieran watched his Manchester United team lose.  After the game he went out like he normally did to live his fast life of meeting new woman, driving fast cars and just living on the edge.  That night he saw Natalie and says his life changed from there.  After a while of seeing each other he asked her to go to the Bahamas with him and she said she would if he went to church with her.  Now Kieran is a devout Christian who is serious about his faith.

Natalie’s Career

Natalie is a lingerie model with an amazing body.  Back in 2009 Natalie’s boobs became famous when they were featured anonymously in a billboard campaign by Marks & Spencer when the company was receiving bad press for charging more for bigger bras.  Natalie’s 32E rack was showcased by the company to take advantage of the press.

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